Creating an Account
Creating an account on WSWC is super quick and simple. Just enter your Namer, Email and Province. Once you have an account and logged in you can then select a membership type.

Taking out a Membership
Once you have created an account, it will use your province to offer you membership plans. Select one of the 4 plans and proceed by filling out the membership form followed by submitting payment. The platform uses Stripe to process the payment securely. If successful, you will then be given full membership management.

Family Membership
You as the head of a family can take out a Family Membership or be upgraded from an Adult membership. You as the principle account holder can add up to 6 family dependents to your account. When adding a dependent, an account is created in the background with their own membership number. This account is used to save their data to and follows them forever.

Separating/Releasing a Family Dependent
If a Family member/dependent needs to be separated from the principle account holder, it can easily be done and they will retain all their personal data and membership/license number. The Primary member can do this from within their account by clicking on the “Release” button pertaining to the dependent the wish to separate. It will ask you to enter the dependents email address. Once entered and submitted it will require that individual use the Recover password form to add a password which will give them access to their account.

Membership Renewal
While taking out a subscription it gives the member an option for auto renewal. If not selected, a renew button appears under the Membership Details page. It also displays for users that have Canceled or Expired subscriptions or users of Active subscriptions which have 15 days or less remaining on their subscription. Your annual membership will start and renew on Jan 1st every year.

Cancel Membership
The Cancel option gives your users the option to stop recurring subscriptions. The status of the subscription will be set to Canceled and it will expire after the Expiration Date. These users will still have access to your restricted content until the expiration date has passed.

Expired Membership
If your membership has expired, you can…

Delete my Account and Membership
Due to GDPR requirements, we have made it possible for you to delete your account and all account information from within your account. Only information tied to competition results will remain.

Lost your password
If you have lost your password, you can either us the “Lost your Password” button on the login form or use this link to recover your password. You just need to know your email or you can use your membership number.