Western Canadian Water Ski Championships – Inc Adaptive

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The Western Canadian Waterski Championships will be hosted at Shalom Park Water Site, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Shalom Park is located adjacent from Rabbit Hill Ski Area, next to the North Saskatchewan River and 12 minutes from the international airport.

Familiarization – will begin at 7:30am Thursday, starting with all trick skiers, followed by slalom, followed by jump followed by adaptive. 2 passes of each.

Thursday at 3:00pm the event will start with adaptive jump, followed by G/BU12, W, M45, M65, G/BU14, followed by Tricks. W/m45+. w/m55+. w/m65+

Friday – event starts with adaptive trick at 7:45am

Saturday – event starts with anyone who wants to do a second round of trick at 7:45am, followed by round 1 Slalom and then jump. After round one jump is over we will continue with people’s selection of their second round until we run out of day. In the event a second round is not taken due to time restrictions, we will consider a $40 refund

A second round will be offered to each entry in one discipline, time permitting. For example, a slalom skier would get 2 rounds of slalom. A two or three-event skier may choose to do a second round of one event.

We will be capped at 90 pulls a day. Send in your entry early and confirm your spot.

Details are subject to change as the event gets closer.



Shalom Park Water Ski School
Shalom Park Water Ski Site, Leduc County, AB, Canada

Directions to Site

Shalom Park Water Ski Site, Leduc County, AB, Canada

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Competition 1 : 3 Event
Male/Female: FemaleMale
Disciplines: SlalomTrickJumpOverall
3 Event Overall Placing: Yes
Classes: WRC
Format: Rounds
Age Divisions: GU10GU12GU14W17W21WW35+W45+W55+W65+W70+W75+W80+ELITEWOPENW BU10BU12BU14MU17MU21MM35+M45+M55+M65+M70+M75+M80+ELITEMOPENM
Entry Type: Open Entry - Unlimited subject to Entry Limit
Entry Limit: 100 participants
Entry Fees: View Entry Fees
Full Price
Class: WRC
1 Discipline - $130 (CAD)
2 Disciplines - $180 (CAD)
3 Disciplines - $220 (CAD)

Club Members
Class: WRC
1 Discipline - $100 (CAD)
2 Disciplines - $135 (CAD)
3 Disciplines - $160 (CAD)

Entry Fee Notes: Not Available
Entry Fee Discounts: Not Available
Discount Notes: Not Available
Class: WRC
Slalom - 2 Rounds
Trick - 2 Rounds
Jump - 2 Rounds

Jump Running Order: By Division
Method of Calculating Overall Scoring: Based on Overall World Record Scores and best scores in any round
Boat Options: Closed (Tournament Boat)
Open to Foreigners: Yes

Event Administration

Event Organizer: Ken Nelson
  Tel:       7809559428
  Email:   matrix@shalompark.com
Event Administrator: Kristy Kraus
  Tel:       6516001309
  Email:   kristy@shalompark.com

Event Info

Event Entry Limit: 150 participants
Event Entry Late Fee: Not Available
Entry Open: May 1, 2024
Entry Deadline: July 23, 2024
Event Notes:

Each skier will be given the option to ski a second round of one discipline.

Additional Rules:

medals will be awarded based on first round

Boats: Boat: Nautique : Ski Nautique - 6.0
Speed Control: ZeroOff Version R

Official Hotels: no hotels listed
Other Hotels: no hotels listed
Accommodation Info: Not Available
Spectator Info: Not Available


Schedule: Not Available
Schedule Notes:

For the schedule, CLICK HERE

Wednesday – unofficial practice, book through Mindbody

Thursday – 7:30am Familiarization, 2 passes – trick, followed by slalom, jump, adaptive famil

Thursday – 3:00pm Adaptive Jump ->Jump (G/BU12, W, M45, M65, G/BU14) ->Trick (W/M45, 55, 65)

Friday – 7:45am start -> Trick followed by slalom

Saturday – 7:45am start -> Trick (rnd 2)followed by slalom by jump

Each skier will be offered one extra round of their event choice. the second round of trick will be first thing Saturday am, Jump and Slalom will proceed the end of the Jump event that day.


Practice Schedule:

Practice will be available the week prior through mindbody